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No one is good all of the time. Especially me.

Six years ago, I promised my friend Kellan that I’d never mess around with his little brother. I accepted it. I didn’t regret it, and I didn’t think twice about it. Milo Sterling—the good student, perfect son, and promising dancer—was off limits.

But that was before. Before we went away to college. Before Kellan died. Before I flunked out of school.

Now, I’m back home, and Milo’s different. He’s quieter and colder, no longer a boy but a man. And that hurt in his eyes? I put it there the night I failed to save Kellan. I have a lot to make up for. Falling for Milo, no matter how much I want him, would be one more thing to add to my list. But promises are meant to be broken, and if there’s one thing I’m bad at, it’s being good.

Genre: LGBTQ, Brother's Best Friend, Novel

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Sometimes love will rock you hard.

Following a very public—and very scandalous—breakup with his boyfriend, guitarist Jet Cooper’s musical career is on the rocks. Desperate for redemption, he reluctantly agrees to his manager’s last-ditch suggestion for a comeback. The catch? Jet must craft his next big hit with award-winning songwriter Skye Sweeting, a man known for composing love songs with lyrics just as sappy as his name implies … and although Jet does many things, sappy isn’t one of them.

What the jaded rocker doesn’t know is that Skye has seen his own fair share of heartbreak. But when one of L.A.’s infamous earthquakes leaves the two men stranded together, they’re both given the chance to overcome their mutual loathing for that dreaded four-letter word: love.

Whether or not they top the charts, the art of reinvention has never felt so good.

Genre: LGBTQ, Forced Proximity, Short Story

Available at all ebook retailers.

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Sometimes finding love takes balls.

There’s nothing subtle about the way Seth Dowling, one of Boston’s most eligible bachelors, has been checking out Connor Andrews at the gym. And while Connor doesn’t mind the attention, he sees two major problems: the way Seth’s emerald eyes distract him from bringing his A game … and the fact that the arrogant jerk knows it.

For weeks, Seth has been looking for an excuse to challenge Connor to a game of one-on-one basketball. Nowadays the former-top-draft-pick-turned-accountant spends his time racking up numbers on spreadsheets instead of a scoreboard, but something tells Seth the messy-haired hottie is sure to wipe the court with him anyway.

The thing is, Seth doesn’t mind losing—especially when the trash talk turns to flirting. No matter who wins this game, they both stand to score.

Genre: LGBTQ, Sports Romance, Enemies-to-Lovers, Short Story

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Contemporary Romance: Text
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