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Fantasy Romance: Text
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An MMF Fairytale Saga

It’s hard not to break in a world made of glass.

When Ashling Glasby's father wandered into the Winter Woods, he left her with a bitter stepmother and a warning: the dark creatures beyond the barrier arc would attack one day.

That day comes the night of Prince Callum's ballhis last chance to find a mother for his heir and secure the kingdom's future. He finds hope in Ashling, but when midnight strikes, will the beasts that brought them together tear them apart?

Cinderella with a supernatural twist. Series has M/M, M/F, and M/M/F content.

Available in serial format (ongoing), exclusively on Radish. (Formerly published in ebook format as the Stone and Cinder series.)

Fantasy Romance: Latest Work
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An MM Fairytale Story

It’s hard to stop a fire in a world full of ash.

Before Teague and Callum were ... well, Teague and Callum, they were students at university on the verge of falling in love. But when the health of Teague's father takes a turn for the worse, their relationship is put to the test.

An MM reimagining of Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose. Full description forthcoming.

Coming to Radish in early 2024.

Fantasy Romance: Latest Work

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Fantasy Romance: Text
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